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When our founder Dr. Julius Waizer arrived in Innsbruck in 1904, there were in the city only 30-40 skiers.
Nevertheless, there were a handful of daring souls who had dedicated themselves to skis and even participated successfully in the first races of the already established ski clubs in St. Anton and Kitzbühel. This was reason enough for the ski enthusiast Dr. Julius Waizer to plan a ski club in Innsbruck.
The founding meeting was held in Innsbruck in September 1906, agreeing on the name "Ski Klub Innsbruck”. The request for approval of the Association was sent to the office of the imperial governor of Tyrol and Vorarlberg on 14. November 1906.
Five days later, on the 19th of November, 1906 came the reply. "The formation of the association Ski Klub Innsbruck with seat in Innsbruck is not prohibited on the basis of the present statutes!"

Pioneers of the club contributed by their actions to a rapid spread of alpine skiing in Tyrol and the club was soon known in the Alps for its ambitious young racers. There were no races in Austria and southern Germany in which the Innsbruck ski club was not represented by one or more prizewinners. The club then naturally followed the shift from Telemark turns to stem turns. Rapid turns and the club clothing brought them the name "Red Devils" in later years..

However not only racing, but also ski touring became ever more important in the club. The club contributed to the production of the "Ski-Guide to Tyrol" (Sehrig - 1921). At the end of the twenties the Ski Club Innsbruck was commissioned to publish a Skiroute-map at a scale of 1:50.000.

In the 30's began the outstanding performances of the very successful skiing family, the Lantschners. They gained numerous first places in various races and also world championship titles in all alpine disciplines.


After the 2nd World War there was a difficult new start, and racing soon came to the fore again. However, the best skiers joined the new special ski high schools and this marked the end of racing in the club.

The focus of the club is now clearly in recreational sport. The club offers a wide range of activities. In addition to club nights with film and slide shows, gymnastics and fitness training, events in the ski lodge, group trips, skiing and hiking trips, and training sessions, it above all offers mountain and ski tours, which extend beyond Tyrol. Thus our members were on skis on top of, for example, the Wildspitze, Grossglockner, Mont Blanc and Mount Ararat and peaks in Asia, Africa and South America.

Sport for all and constructive leisure time activities are the basis of the club, creating the possibility of social contact between diverse people, which is greatly appreciate by the members.


Special guests at the 90th anniversary of our club.

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